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Welcome to what I call my home away from home. If this is your first time here and you're wondering how I came up with this crazy name for a barbershop, sit back and relax! - here it goes...  


It all began with my last name, passed down for generations. Growing up, my 3 brothers and I were all nicknamed Evil. My last name is Evilsizor, and fading is a hair cutting technique. I picked up my first pair of clippers at 13 and instantly found my passion. I've wanted to open up my own barbershop ever since. I started in a garage, and through time and practice discovered my craft. I continued to grow year after year, loving every second. I branded my craft Evil Fades in 2011 and established a true gentleman's barbershop, growing following to go with it. 


At 27 years old, my life long dream became reality. Here at Evil Fades Barbershop, we provide all styles and cater to all ages. The sky is the limit! At Evil Fades, my team and I are driven to provide the best haircuts of all styles to all ages with top notch customer service to tie it all together.


Looking forward to what the future holds for Evil Fades and the people who I now call my family. We hold our standards high and take pride in our work. Below is a picture of where it all started and where I planted my first seed.


Thank you for reading, I look forward to providing you with excellent service for years to come and continuous years business. Share your experience with us here at Evil Fades barbershop and follow us on Instagram @evilfadesbarbershop for all news and updates!

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